Our History

Casa Hogar M.A.Mi  translates to “House of Love and Mercy”.   The acronym M.A.Mi is “Ministerio de Amor y Misericordia” which in English is Ministry of Love and Mercy.  Founded in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico by Elma Fonseca de Velasquez (Sister Elma) began her ministry caring for the needs of children who live in unsafe or dangerous circumstances due to an environment of extreme poverty, homelessness, or abandonment.

In 1998, Elma Fonseca began her ministry of helping threatened and disadvantaged children on the streets and in the landfils of Reynosa, Mexico.   After years of faithful service, Elma was gifed a home in the heart of Reynosa where she was able to house children from indigent and dangerous circumstances and give them not only their basic needs of food and clothing, but be able to give the children the educational, medical, psychological and spiritual support they needed so badly.   In the coming years, Elma’s ministry grew from 8 children to 80!   Many of these children were channeled through the Child Protection Services of the city of Reynosa, others were dropped off by parents who could no longer afford to take care of them and still others were sheltered from the local landfill in Reynosa.

As the number of children grew so did Casa Hogar.   By 2008 a second floor was added for dormitories. This project freed up space in the first floor of the home for a new program ~ a day care center and kindergarten classes-offered free of charge for low income families.  The children are able to stay at the Casa Hogar facility from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm five days per week, receiving food, quality care and education, in a safe and clean environment.

Within another year the main facility at Casa Hogar underwent another reconstruction ~a  third floor was added to provide a safe area for recreational activities. Volleyball and basketball courts were created and a computer room was incorporated for educational purposes. As early as 2013, additional private donations have allowed us to expand on the computer room with newer technology.


In the meantime, the children who live at the home have continued to thrive. Within the last three years, Casa Hogar M.A.Mi has incorporated qualified teachers to its payroll, creating an in-site elementary school program, in which the children are taught at our facility, and tested regularly by auditors sent by the Department of Education in the state of Tamaulipas.  In addition, Casa Hogar M.A.Mi is constructing a separate building down the street from the existing residential area to become their own separate school for children 6-12 yrs.  To be named “Casa Sara”  after an anonymous benefactor, Casa Sara will be able to hold up to 150 children.

Throughout these years, Sister Elma, staff, and volunteers have continued to help the homeless community in Reynosa through a program called “Shared Blessings” (“Bendiciones Compartidas”). Through this program food and clothing are offered to the homeless who typically live in Reynosa’s landfill and the poorest neighborhoods around it.

Casa MAMi’s history continues to evolve thanks to Sister Elma’s vision and hard work, the tireless efforts of staff and volunteers, and the generosity of so many members of our international communities, both near and far, who continue to selflessly bless us with donations year after year.

2000 S. McColl Suite B #130
McAllen, TX 78503

Director- Elma Fonseca; 956-821-5025
(Spanish Only)

Mexico Address:
Rio Frio #835 Col. Longoria
Reynosa, Tamp. Mexico

899-139-8116 (Spanish)

Email Us at: casamamimx@gmail.com

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