Our Founder

Elma Fonseca Falcon, founder of Ministry of Love and Mercy ( M.A.Mi in Spanish) created Casa Hogar M.A.Mi with the desire to help children in need.

What started as a dream for Founder Elma Velasquez Fonseca, became a reality in year 2000.  Known for years in her work in helping the children in the landfills of Reynosa, Mexico, she was gifted with a shelter to begin her journey of taking children out of the streets and local dumpsites and putting them in a safe environment.  Here, Casa Hogar would be able to not only meet their basic needs of food and clothing, but be able to get the children educationa, medical and psychological support.   Immediately, Elma’s Casa Hogar M.A.Mi became known for its work in the lives of hundreds of children.  Many of these children were channeled through the Child Protection Services of the city of Reynosa, others were dropped off by parents who could no longer afford to take care of them and still others were sheltered from the local landfill in Reynosa.


In March of 2018, Elma was awarded the Humanitarian Award for the 21st Century in Pharr, Texas

In January of 2017, Elma received the Philanthropist of the Year Award from the 21st Century Foundation in Reynosa.Elma with family members receives a bust in her image.

In January of 2017, Elma received the Philanthropist of the Year Award from the 21st Century Elma and the Mayor of Reynosa along with City Commissioners stand for a photo of Elma receiving an award for her service to the community of Reynosa.

A local newspaper in Reynosa dedicates its front page honoring Elma and Casa Hogar Mami. The article describes the 30 years of service Elma has dedicated to the care of the poor and neglected children of the city siting over 3000 children have been protected, loved, and cared for through her efforts.

Elma received her diploma for Theology at the University of Brownsville.

2000 S. McColl Suite B #130
McAllen, TX 78503

Director- Elma Fonseca; 956-821-5025
(Spanish Only)

Mexico Address:
Rio Frio #835 Col. Longoria
Reynosa, Tamp. Mexico

899-139-8116 (Spanish)

Email Us at: casamamimx@gmail.com

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