Casa de Sara

Thanks to the generous donation of an anonymous donor, Casa Hogar MAMi has been blessed with the purchase of a new building a few doors down from our original building. We are currently working with an architect in Reynosa to develop the plans for a school for the children of Casa Hogar. With over-run schools, bullying, and the constant face of the cartels lurking around the school for recruitments, Casa Hogar has been granted permission to “home Study” our kids. This year we have been granted funds through Mexico’s Round-up Program to use on Construction. Within the next year, Casa de Sara, the name of our new home, will be filled with the energy of students ~ the children of Casa Hogar.

2000 S. McColl Suite B #130
McAllen, TX 78503

Director- Elma Fonseca; 956-821-5025
(Spanish Only)

Mexico Address:
Rio Frio #835 Col. Longoria
Reynosa, Tamp. Mexico

899-139-8116 (Spanish)

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